Field Guides

Why We Write: We are committed to writing well-crafted biblical Field Guides for mentoring relationships all around the globe.

1. Would you consider finding someone to mentor or if you are a mentee, finding someone to mentor you? We would encourage you to start with our very first Field Guide —Mentoring: How To Find And How To Be One by Beau Hughes.

2. You have the option to listen to the Field Guides done by professional narrators, read along with these narrators or just print and read these amazing Field Guides.

3. We believe you will have many mentors in your Christian life and journey. So these Field Guides are designed to be discussed in 4-6 week sessions as you gather together and work through these skills for all of life.

Mentorship: How to Find One and Be One

What It Means to Be a Christian


Your Life in the Church

Stewarding Your Body

Time and Tech to the Glory of God

Sexual Purity

Financial Stewardship

Growing in Grace

The Bible, Work, and You

Coming Soon

A Legacy of Mentorship