What We Do

Our Story

Over the past four decades, John and Ludie Nugier built a thriving small business from the ground up in California’s central valley. Through their business success, the Nugiers developed hard-earned wisdom, knowledge, and abilities. In accordance with their Christian faith, the Nugiers believe that these gifts should not be hoarded but shared with younger generations through mentoring.

The Nugiers have seen how God can use mentoring to help people become more like Jesus Christ, and how Christians often lack intergenerational friendships and mentors. In response, the Nugiers launched The Mentoring Project to further their vision to share Christian wisdom with younger generations and invest in the lives of others.

Our Vision

TMP’s vision for mentoring is rooted in the Scriptures. The book of Proverbs, the Gospels, and Paul’s letters all show the vital importance of letting other Christians speak into our lives.

In mentoring, a more mature Christian imparts all-of-life wisdom to someone younger. When a younger person needs input on something — whether it concerns family, finances, work, doctrine, sin, Scripture, and everything in between — he or she should have a trusted mentor or two to call. This kind of relationship is broad and includes what is often termed discipleship. In fact, Christian mentoring could be considered “all-of-life discipleship,” the attempt to be faithful disciples of Christ, taking every aspect of life and bringing it under his Lordship.

Our Resources

TMP is a digital repository for mentoring resources and materials, all of which are freely available. These resources are designed to equip mentors and mentees to build stronger relationships and grow in Christ together, ideally within a local church. Written by pastors and Christian leaders, TMP’s resources will cover all aspects of life as a Christian.

In addition to English versions of its materials, TMP will translate all content into Spanish and provide audio versions as well. By making mentoring resources accessible, practical, and readable, TMP will further its mission to equip Christian individuals to impact the world for Jesus.

Our Field Guides

TMP’s flagship mentoring resource is its field guides. These long-form pieces provide practical guidance on various aspects of life as a Christian, like finances, purity, technology, work, and more. Written by pastors and other Christian leaders, these field guides provide a biblical framework for mentors and mentees to discuss these topics and grow together. TMP has published 10 field guides, with plans to produce approximately 100 guides over two years.

Our Generational Overviews

To equip both mentors and mentees, TMP also publishes generational overviews. These resources broadly describe features of different generations and discuss how best to minister to them. While these generational descriptors don’t tell us everything about a person, it’s information that can help inform how to invest in them. For example, Millennials experienced economic hardship, the rise of the internet, and cultural fracturing during their formative years. These events have led many Millennials to experience profound anxiety and a sense of alienation from religion. A mentor can minister to a Millennial by equipping them to see the way the Scriptures speak to their anxieties, teaching them that the only certain reality in life is God himself, helping them know they can be honest with the Lord about their doubts, and assuring them that certainty can be had in Jesus Christ.

Seasons of Mentorship